What you should know about probate law| The importance of and estate planning attorney

After a person passes away, it may be necessary to go through probate to ensure that the estate is properly administered. Probate can serve important purposes to help distribute assets and settle debts. In these cases, Moody estate planning attorneys can provide assistance with probate issues and help you determine if probate is necessary.

What you should know about probate law
Probate is the process used to obtain authority to administer an estate. Through probate, a person is granted letters testamentary or letters of administration, which allow the person to handle issues related to property and debts. Probate may be necessary if the deceased person owned property that was titled in their name, such as real property, vehicles, and accounts.

In many situations, probate can be informal with no court appearances necessary. If there are issues or persons contest aspects of the estate, then formal probate may be necessary. In a formal probate, there will be court hearings and judicial oversight.

Through probate, a deceased person’s debts can be addressed and action can be taken with regard to creditors. This can help ensure that no issues arise in the future and all assets are properly distributed.

Why should you seek out a Moody Alabama probate lawyer?
Probate law can be complicated and it is important to ensure that you comply with all of the necessary procedures.  Probate law also contains specific guidelines about how to handle certain issues. A Moody estate planning attorney can assess your situation and provide legal advice about how the law applies in your specific situation.

An attorney can also help you pursue an informal or formal probate and provide representation throughout the process. This will help you administer the estate in a legal and efficient manner.

If you have questions about probate or need assistance with estate planning or administration, then contact the offices of Hill, Gossett, Kemp & Hufford, P.C. to learn more about your options.