Social Security Disability

An Investment / Not a Handout

The vast majority of American employees are deducted taxes, healthcare, and “social security” from every paycheck they receive throughout their life. From the time we are eighteen (or before), we “pay into” a system without question or, quite frankly, without option. And although no one likes seeing their net income reduced, by and large, Americans are willing to pay for services received. We appreciate police and fire protection. We appreciate driving on paved roads. We appreciate water, sewer, public education and all the other services our taxes afford us. But when it comes to our social security deduction, Americans are regularly denied the benefit their investment should afford.

We are not looking for a handout – we simply want just compensation for a lifelong investment. Week after week, month after month, Americans pay into a system that is supposed to be there if we are ever unable to take care of ourselves. We are forced to pay for this insurance…and that is fine. But we should not have to battle with the government when it comes time to make a claim.

The claims of the overwhelming majority who apply for social security disability benefits are initially denied. After paying into the system for decades, they are simply told – “No.” It is wrong but it is not final. Joseph R. Kemp has dedicated years of his life to representing persons who have been wrongly denied benefits from a system they have invested in for their entire lives. Mr. Kemp is not afraid to stand up to a system that would seek to deny its participants the benefits to which they are entitled and for which they have invested. If you are filing for social security benefits of if you have been wrongly denied the same, allow the skill, concern and expertise of Joseph R. Kemp to guide you through the process of seeking and collecting the return on your investment to which you are legally entitled.

Joseph R. Kemp

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