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The most challenging time in the lives of many is the time one might spend dealing with a domestic matter.

From domestic relations/family law issues of divorce, child custody, alimony and support, the attorneys of Hill, Gossett, Kemp & Hufford, P.C. Attorneys at Law are highly skilled in ensuring you receive the highest representation and the most sound legal advice.

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With the recent changes to domestic relations laws, parties oftentimes are unaware or misinformed as to what their rights may be.

Recent changes to requirements related to the paying of college expenses for children and the erosion of rights of grandparents in certain situations are just a small example of how the law related to Domestic Relations is ever-changing and highly technical.

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Additionally, the family lawyers of HHG are qualified and experienced in the area of adoption.

Matters dealing with family and children are undoubtedly challenging and can be stressful but there is no greater satisfaction than preserving or creating a family unit. If you have questions or are involved in a matter concerning domestic relations, let the attorneys at HHG advise you of your rights and fight for your interests.

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