Alternative Dispute Resolution

With over nineteen (19) years of trial experience at both the District and Circuit Court levels, Judge Jim Hill provides unique experience and expertise in the various areas of Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Recently enacted legislation allows for parties to hire private judges to consider and issue Final Judgments. The benefits of hiring private judges are becoming more apparent as state court dockets become more crowded and parties must wait for their respective day(s) in court. The hiring of a private judge allows the parties and their counsel to enjoy more flexibility in terms of scheduling and can effectuate a more efficient conclusion to legal disputes. Judge Hill knows the law, has applied and interpreted the law consistently for nearly two decades and appreciates the need for efficiency and finality in all types of legal matters.


Additionally, Judge Hill offers mediation services for parties throughout the St. Clair County, Jefferson County, Blount County, Shelby County and Talladega County, Alabama. Judge Hill’s ability to advise parties as to the potential judgments handed down by juries gives him unique insight as to potential options for resolving cases. By taking the case out of the hands of a judge or jury, parties have greater ownership, and often satisfaction, in the outcome of their case.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

If you are in need of resolution of a dispute and the traditional court system is ill equipped to handle your situation, allow Judge Jim Hill to offer alternative methods by which a conclusion may be attained.

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