New Circuit Judge Appointed for St Clair County

New Circuit Judge Appointed for St. Clair County

An attorney in St. Clair County for more than 30 years, Bill Weathington says he always kept the goal of serving as a judge in the back of his mind.

“In the back of my mind, I always kind of thought one day I’d like to be judge,” Weathington said. “Recently, I realized, ‘one day’ was here, or it was going to pass me by.”

Now 56 years old, Weathington – who has served as a civil attorney and municipal attorney around St. Clair County since graduating from Cumberland School of Law in 1985 – recently received a letter from Gov. Robert Bentley informing him that he has been appointed to the vacant circuit judge’s position, created when Jim Hill announced his retirement at the end of October. His effective start date is Nov. 10.

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