You cannot drive from your house to your place of work without passing a dozen billboards advertising the services of lawyers who want to represent you when you are injured. You turn on the television and you see lawyers standing on top of eighteen wheelers, shooting for big “bucks” and beating up people in the school halls. The legal industry of representing persons injured in vehicle accidents has exploded over the past ten years and such advertising, much to my chagrin, is apparently successful.

When you are injured, you have a serious problem; you need serious representation. It’s not the time to begin looking for advice from a billboard (even if the message on the billboard rhymes or is upside down). You need a team of lawyers concerned about your injury, your situation and your story. You need lawyers who can describe how your life has been damaged by another’s negligence both to the insurance company and to a jury.

At Hill, Hill & Gossett, our attorneys have represented parties injured in accidents not their fault for more than thirty years. You won’t see our faces on a billboard or on a television commercial. You will find our lawyers at work, working on behalf of our clients and representing their interests in the state courts of Alabama.

Insurance companies have counsel on stand-by – ready to defend their clients with zeal and expertise. If you or someone you love, is injured by the negligence of another, call the attorneys at Hill, Hill & Gossett for a free and honest case evaluation. Hire your lawyer based on level of professionalism you expect and pursuant to the experience you can trust.

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No representation is made that the quality of legal services to be provided by this law firm is greater than the legal services which would be provided by any other law firm.