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Product Injury Lawyer/Product Liability Attorney-If you have an injury through the failure of a product or medication through no fault of your own that hasYou come in contact with a product of some type every day.

Your baby has toys, playpens, car seats, baby cribs as well as medicines.

Your children have electronic games, bicycles and other products appropriate to their age groups. As an adult, you have personal contact with appliances, cars, boats, ATVs, machines and equipment at your work place, products and medicines that are all part of your daily life.

While many products and medications are safe, a number of products and medications have an improper design, design defect or other hidden danger that could cause an injury or even death.

Injury through Failure of Products or Medication

If you have an injury through the failure of a product or medication through no fault of your own that has an improper design or improper warning labels, etc., you could possibly have cause to action against the manufacturer for product liability.

A Trussville Product Injury Lawyer Can Help

The product liability attorneys at Hill, Hill & Gossett, P.C. have the experience necessary to carefully evaluate your personal injury through the failure of a product to determine if you have a product liability case where compensation should be paid to cover your particular loss.

Contact our Springville-Trussville product injury attorneys at HHG today at 205.640.2000 to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

Our product injury lawyers at Hill, Hill & Gossett, P.C. provide a broad range of legal services to individual and business clients including property damage, personal injury, real estate law, estate law including wills and trusts, worker’s compensation, insurance contract claims, homeowners claims, fraud and wrongful death – Providing legal services for St. Clair County and Jefferson County, Alabama – Leeds, Moody, Odenville, Springville, Trussville, Pell City, Ashville and the greater Birmingham area.

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