Real Estate

Hill, Hill & Gossett, P.C. Real Estate Attorneys devote significant time and staff to ensuring the legality of the transactional work it performs.

From the closing of loans to the representation of parties in real estate sales, the attorneys of HHG are experienced and highly competent to ensure your real estate transaction is handled correctly and in a timely fashion.

Real estate matters are often litigated in the state of Alabama. Land line disputes, condemnations, “Quiet Title” actions and the process of converting tax sales to tax deeds to marketable titles are matters routinely filed in state and probate courts.

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The attorneys at Hill, Hill & Gossett, P.C. have practiced in the area or real estate law for more than three full decades. In 2014, the founding member of the firm, Judge Jim Hill, returned after serving the citizens of St. Clair County as both a District and Circuit Court Judge for nineteen years. Upon his return, he assumed the role of overseeing the real estate practice he began and which had been carried forward by his successor in the firm and on the bench, Judge Bill Weathington.

Real Estate Litigation

The real estate practice at HHG spans several practice areas. The firm represents persons in land line and quiet title disputes. It recently represented more than fifteen Plaintiff’s in establishing and securing necessary rights of ingress and egress to and from their properties and ensuring the same could be maintained in the future. Great care and skill are required in the exercise of such necessary and technical legal work and the attorneys at Hill, Hill & Gossett stand ready and willing to provide the same.

Real Estate Transactions

Perhaps the most voluminous area of practice for the firm is the practice area related to the transaction of real property. The firm has represented lenders (and property owners) in real estate transactions since the 1980s. From loan closings to property transfers, the attorneys at Hill, Hill & Gossett maintain an acute awareness of the ever changing laws related to the transactional practice of real property law.

HHG strives to ensure its clients are both satisfied with the results of these and other real estate matters and are fully aware and knowledgeable both of the end results and the process by which those results are achieved. Too often, parties in real estate matters may understand “where” they want to go but are unsure as to “how” they get there.

Real Estate Attorneys

The attorneys at HHG desire not only to guide their clients in the correct direction but to explain to them how and why a certain course of action is advisable.

If you have a need to ensure the legality of a real estate transaction or if you are involved or may need to be involved in certain real estate litigation, please call the offices of HHG to schedule a time for an attorney to discuss the various options you may be entitled to pursue.

Contact Hill, Hill & Gossett, P.C. Attorneys at Law at 205.640.2000 to schedule an appointment to discuss your legal needs.

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