Lawyer in Springville, Alabama

Not everyone realizes that you can meet with a lawyer in Springville, Alabama.

Lawyer in Springville, AlabamaIf you prefer to meet with one of our attorneys locally, you can schedule an appointment specifically at our Springville office.  Most of our appointments are scheduled for our Moody location, but a couple of our attorneys are available at our Springville office by request.

Lawyer in Springville, Alabama

We provide all types of legal services including Divorce work, Child Custody, Adoption, Wills, Living Wills, Powers of Attorney, Personal Injury, Real Estate matters, Estate, Corporate, etc.

Our Springville office is located at 6441 US Hwy 11 in Springville, Alabama.  Please remember to contact our office at 205-467-2225 for an appointment specifically for our Springville location.

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